3 serious alternatives to Google search engine

3 serious alternatives to Google search engine

Bing by Microsoft is the second largest search engine in the world.

People like using Bing for a few reasons.

• Every day there is a new beautiful National Geographic style photo.

• You can accumulate points from using the Bing search engine that can be converted for real-world rewards.

• Some people are fed up with how Google has evolved and are looking for a new alternative.

• When conducting a search on Google and Bing the results are pretty much the same.

• SEO. Online marketers are turning to Bing as a much cheaper PPC and ad strategy for their website clients.

DuckDuckGo is no lame duck when it comes to search engines.

Whenever you see people complaining about Google selling people’s data in a chat forum, you will often see DuckDuckGo appear in the comments section as an alternative search engine.

It is literally the go-to main search engine alternative to Bing or Google for those that do not like their data or search history being tracked.

DuckDuckGo users rave about the ‘Bangs’ shortcut that takes you to search results on other sites. Learn more about bangs

Yahoo predates Google. They most certainly took their eye off the ball and lost the search engine war. However, they are still in the game, and surprisingly to some people Yahoo is still the third most popular search engine.

It is useful as a search engine as it integrates with yahoo finance, answers, and Flickr giving great results from search.

They also offer a privacy add on.

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