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About Us

We are here to help you start and grow your business.

We are an experienced team of Web Design and Online Marketing specialists.

We have been involved in many startup businesses over the years and we understand exactly what it takes to bring a business from concept to creation. Nowadays, every business needs a well-designed website and online presence.

Your website is your online shop window to potential clients and customers. Our job is to ensure you have the best modern website possible, that it flows well, leads clients into a call to action, and increases your conversion rate from a visitor to becoming your next client or customer.

We are not only Web Designers, we own online businesses too. We build modern, fresh websites with both a design and business perspective in mind.

Hiring us to work with you, not only ensure you have a stunning website, but we also bring our business experience into play to help your business grow ahead of your competition.

Our Web Design service

We will build the exact website your business needs.

Do you need a simple landing page?

Do you need an e-commerce website?

Do you need a Tech focused website built?

Do you need to simply modernise your existing website?

Do you need a large or small website built?

Do you need a website built quickly?

We work on any sized website project, large and small. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our SEO and Online Marketing services

Hire us to help your website gain more visitors and paying customers

We help you create a workable and affordable plan to ensure your website ranks better on search engines. We also have social media professionals that will help you increase your social media presence and attract new visitors and potential clients.

Further information

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Our Business Directory and Resource listings

Our Business Directory is aimed at helping business owners and startups monetise their websites and find business resources to help them grow their business to the next level.

We have more than one Business Directory, here is a list of our Directories – Startups, Small Businesses, Consultants, Tech & FinTech, Ai, Robotics, Crypto & Blockchain, and Domainers.

Here you will find Business listings to help you manage and expand your business online.

Some of our Business listings here include:



VPN’s, Encrypted email, anti-virus, computer cleaning.



virtual international business numbers, Conference calls, email services, virtual assistants, translation and interpreters, parcels and packaging, screen sharing and recording, remote access.


E - Commerce

insurance, wholesalers, drop shippers, marketplaces, hosting.


Storage Solutions

cloud storage, warehouse solutions.


Payment Solutions

accounting software, online banking, payment gateways, invoice software, credit card processing, POS systems, digital banking.


Intellectual Property

trademark services, patents, domain lawyers, copyright services, NDA’s, business contracts.



banking, offshore incorporation, business contracts, business fundraising, start-up incubators.


Computer Hardware

laptops, modems, printers, cameras, hard drives.



Resources to help professional Domain Sellers.

And more ….

Buy & Sell Domains

It is completely Free to list and sell your Domain. Find your perfect domain here.

Website Design & Marketing

We will build you the exact website your business needs. Hire us to market your website.

Business Directory & Resources

We have thousands of businesses listed here to help your business grow & make more money.


We have experienced business advisors & consultants to help your business start & grow.

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Our Other Businesses

Coming Soon

An extensive index business directory listing websites and businesses that accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments for goods and services. Over 5,000 businesses listed.