Backlinks and SEO

19 things you should know about SEO and link building

Backlinks are links from one website page to another website page. A backlink is a link created when one website decides to link to another website.

They can sometimes be referred to as “inbound links” or “incoming links.”

An example

You own a blog and you write an article about how to use youtube. Once published, you will have created a link from your site and article to youtube.

1. Aged backlinks

Backlinks from domains that have been around for many years are often more powerful than new domains.

2. Referring domain links

This is where backlinks are coming from to a domain. The more quality referral links a website gets, the more search engines reward it.

3. Links from bad sites

Links from a website that has been penalised by search engines or flagged as spam to another site can hurt the good site. Similar to how people judge you by who your friends are.

4. Authority of linking pages and domains

The page rank (authority) of the referring page can help the receiving site. This could be Forbes writing an article about your website and linking to it. This link would be considered a heavy weight referral by search engines.

5. Competitor links

Some competitors will give links to other sites in the same field. Often they would expect the same in return. Links from a well ranked competitor can really help your website rank.

6. Guest posts and editorial links

Guest posts are still used and do still help with links, however an organic editorial link is the favoured method.

7. Link diversity

It is recommended to try to not have a large percentage of links to a website come from just one source. This might be, a forum, comments or blog and may appear spammy. Links from a multitude of quality diverse sources is a clear sign of a natural link. Avoid excessive link exchanging though.

8. Contextual link

These are clickable (text) links, often the keywords, placed within the content of a website. These can create very powerful SEO links if implemented correctly.

9. Be careful of too many 301 redirects

These are when someone clicks on one URL and it redirects to another URL.

10. Use Internal link anchor text

This is where you see on a website (often in blue) a link from one page to another page within the same website. External links are more valuable, but done well internal links help.

11. TLD and referrals

If you wish to rank well for the United Kingdom, for example, getting links from country-specific domain extensions like may help you rank better in the UK. This works with other countries like .de for Germany.

12. Link positioning

Creating a link embedded in a page’s content is often far more powerful than a link sidebar or footer.

13. Title keyword links

Search engines like links from pages that contain a page’s keyword in the title.

14. Linking relevancy

A link from a website that is in a similar niche is considered far more powerful than a link from a website that is completely unrelated. This also goes for a link from a relevant page.

15. Hub links

Some SEO professionals believe that receiving a link from a page that is considered a top resource page on a particular subject is given preferential treatment by search engines.

16. Blogs v websites

For obvious reasons, search engines tend to take a link far more seriously from a large, established website than from a small blog site.

17. Avoid black hat links

Search engines are much more sophisticated than they used to be and they will not like questionable link building. A site with natural links will stand the test of time and be rewarded for this.

18. Trusted links

The more trusted the websites and pages that link to another website are the more that trust is passed on to the receiving site.

19. Linking and word count

The more words on a content page (post, article, etc) with a link the more valuable it is. So, a 100-word post with a link is significantly less valuable than a 1000 plus word post.

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