Bargain Domains Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

Welcome to Tech Premium Domains

Our bargain domain listing page is very similar to our our Domains for sale section, but there are a few key differences.

The reason we created our bargain domain section is to encourage regular buyers to our site to see what bargains they can find.

This section also helps our domain sellers find a buyer faster. A win/win for you and our sellers.

Everyday, you will find new domains being added for sale here at a great price.

Each domain listing expires after 30 days, so we recommend popping by often to discover a fantastic domain name bargain.

Good luck and good hunting!

What are the key differences between our main domains for sale section and our bargain domains section?

Each domain name listing lasts for a total of 30 days.

After 30 days the listing will expire and we will delete it.

This means as the buyer you need to act fast and contact the owner if you like the domain they have listed for sale. Once you contact the owner you can arrange how to buy it with them at your leisure.

There are no categories, so domains are not organised. If you want to view our domain names organised into categories please visit our main domains for sale section here.

You can search by price if you are looking for a bargain.


Price Guide

The price our domain sellers set here for their domains is a guide price set in US dollars.

This does not mean that the domain has to be sold in USD, it could be any currency you both agree upon. We simply use USD, as it is the worlds reserve currency.

The guide price you see here is similar to the price you see when you are looking to buy a property on a property website.

Domain names are often referred to as online real estate.

The sellers price may be set in stone, or negotiable. Sellers may also allow planned monthly payments if you can’t afford to pay for a domain in full.

Please contact the seller here directly and enquire.


Buyers guide continued ...

Once you have found a domain name you are interested in buying please create a member’s account. You will need to be a member to message the owner of the domain name for sale.

We ask you to create an account for the following reasons

• By signing up to be able to contact a seller we reduce the chance of spam bots.

• Members can privately message each other to negotiate.

• As a member you can add a domain for sale here to your favourites.

• All accounts are completely free to join.

If for any reason you need help please contact us.

Follow these procedures to buy a domain name

1. Register an account

2. View our listing

3. Contact the owner

4. Negotiate

5. Congratulation

Click on the Contact register Now button to register an account.

Once you have registered with us (the entire process takes only a few minutes) you will then be able to view all our domain listings and directly contact the seller by clicking on the blue contact button.

This is what a domain listing looks like before you join

This is what a listing looks like after you become a member

What can you do as a member here?

Add to favourites

Life gets in the way sometimes.

Each domain listing here include a favourites button. Now while you are on a train journey, cooking or racing around and do not have the time to sit for hours looking for a domain name you can simply add one of our domain names to your favourites and return later to look through the ones you have selected.


Contact the domain owner directly and privately

When you see a domain for sale on many of the main domain platforms you often can not contact the owner directly and start a conversation about buying their domain name.

We have cut out the middleman and as a buyer here you can not only contact the owner privately and directly, but you can also add them to friends and remain in contact with them.



Domain investing or flipping is actually not only highly profitable, but also great fun. From the comfort of your own home while watching television you can browse our members domains for sale and chat back and forth and learn about this business. You might find a regular seller that you can buy from.

For example:

Many domain investors look at business sectors that are going to be big in the future but are still in their infancy right now. Space, ai, VR, blockchain, EV are all going to be huge business sectors one day and you can find domain names here that could be worth far more in years to come than you can buy them for now. There is a reason that domain names are often referred to as internet real estate.


Social media sharing

Every domain listing has a share button.

Visitors do not need to be a member here to be able to use the share buttons. This way when a visitor sees a domain they like or they think a friend would like they can simply share it across their social media platforms.


Our involvement in the sale

We do not get directly involved in any sales here, we simply list our members domain names for sale and let the buyer and seller arrange the rest.

Are the domain names verified?


Do we value the domain names?

Currently we do not offer this service. The seller decides on the price and it is up to the buyer to negotiate a price they are happy with.

Do we negotiate on your behalf?

Currently we do not offer this service.

How do you complete the process to buy a domain you like?

This is completely up to you and the seller. You can not actually buy a domain name directly from our site. We simply list the domain names so people can find one they like. Once you have found one you like and have agreed upon a purchase price you can decide how you wish to proceed.

Normally sales are either bought through an escrow service or more commonly the seller will set the price agreed upon for sale on the platform where the domain is registered.

For example:

1. The seller lists their domain name for sale on our site to attract a buyer.
2. A buyer likes the domain and negotiates a price.
3. The seller has their domain name registered at godaddy domain site (or another of the mainstream platforms) and they now set their domain there for sale at the agreed upon price.
4. The seller sends the buyer a link to the sale listing and the buyer starts the process to buy the domain using godaddys instant secure buying system.

Important notice

If you are buying a domain name without a third party we recommend that you use an escrow service to ensure that both parties are protected. As the buyer you can ensure that your money is only released when you take possession of the domain name.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new domain name

We wish you the very best for the future and we are here to help when you need us.

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