Our Brainstorming Service

Our brainstorming service is useful for startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Do you have a business idea and need to chat informally to someone that can evaluate this idea with you?


Do you need someone experienced that you can throw around news ideas with?

Someone to give you genuine feed back, and help you work out how to make money from your idea?


Do you need help in deciding upon a domain name?

Speak directly with the owner of this site and ask anything you want to know.

Our hourly price is £100 and we can communicate however you wish, including video conferencing.

Why is brainstorming useful for your business?

This is the stage that you define exactly what your business will be and work out how your product or service will be competitive. This is where you find your business niche and determine a target market.


For an established business

During our brainstorming session we will help you generate new ideas and solve problems that your business may be going through. These sessions can be structured or unstructured.

You may wish to simply throw ideas around or you may have a particular question that you need an answer to.

We are only a video call away and here to help.


For new entrepreneurs

Brainstorming is such an important and necessary stage in finding a niche you can start a successful business in. You need to not only find a good idea, but know that it is a profitable niche worth entering. A problem most people encounter is which niche to go into. There are so many opportunities now with online businesses, how do you know which one will suit you and give you a profitable business?

Brainstorming helps you find an idea by narrowing down your options and allowing you to cherry pick the best one. In brainstorming sessions you will also come up with new ideas and ways to make money within your chosen niche.

Brainstorming in essence is evaluating your business idea, building upon your idea, looking at all angles not only from an owners angle, but also from a customers point of view too.

At the end of a brainstorming session you should have a much clearer understanding of what you need to do and an actionable plan moving forwards.

10 steps to successfully brainstorming a business idea.

1. Think BIG. Start by brainstorming a wide array of potential business ideas. What do you enjoy doing and have a passion for? You will be working long hours as an entrepreneur, so it needs to be more than just about money. It takes time to create a profitable business, you need to be capable to keep going during the early stages. During a brainstorming session you will unearth new ideas and hidden opportunities. You may already have an idea and need to know what someone else thinks. During this stage you will often find new possibilities you hadn’t thought of based around your original idea. This could include more ways to gain an audience and paying customers or more revenue stream possibilities than you first thought.

2. What capital will you need?

3. Do you have enough knowledge in this area, if not where can you gain this knowledge?

4. How much competition is there in your niche?

5. How you can compete with more established business? What do you offer that is unique and people will want?

6. What problem do you solve?

7. Are you price competitive?

8. If you have no idea what you want to start a business in, have a look at the most profitable niches and we will help you narrow these down and create a workable plan.

9. Define your customers. Where are they based? What will they pay? Do they really need your service?

10. How much time can you give to your new business? Be realistic.

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