Video game forums and chatrooms

Here you will find video gaming chatrooms, boards, and forums

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Below you will find our list of ideo gaming chatrooms, boards, and forums

Reddit r/gaming

This is a huge reddit gaming group. They have over 29 million members! They cover anything related to games, video games, board games, card games, and more.


This gaming forum and community has been around since 1999.


A large gaming community. This site is particularly good if you are stuck on a level in a game, they have many detailed walkthroughs of popular games.


A well-organised, active video game forum.


If you are into gaming this site is a must join. They have game chatrooms covering many different topics. There are chatrooms especially designated to Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, PC, and more.


This is one of our favourite as we love playing mmorpu games.


A large gaming community where you can discuss games, participate in contests, and buy/sell and trade in their video game marketplace.

Minecraft forums

If you are one of the millions that enjoys playing Minecraft you must join this forum.


They are a blend of gaming and tech.

Gaming Latest

Video game news and discussions. This is a great looking site and easy to navigate.

Adventure Gamers

If you loved the old school adventure games of the 90s and 2000s you will like this site.


You will find steam forums and game forums.

Ubisoft forums

Amazing site. Very easy to navigate. Click on the picture of the game you play and you will be taken to the chat board of that exact game.


This is a large site which includes chats about retro games. They also have a video game marketplace, PC tech guides, multiple gaming platforms, and gaming genres.