Offshore banking

Here you will find businesses that offer offshore banking information and services

It is now incredibly easy and quick to set up an offshore personal or business bank account. Gone are the days when offshore banking was simply for the wealthy or large corporations. Nowadays, anyone can open an account often within a few days and at a cost of less than $1,000.

Offshore banks are attractive to online businesses as they operate worldwide without the restrictions and cost of needing an office or adhering to a particular country’s regulatory body.

These banks work in exactly the same way your normal high street banks do. They often have physical branches you can go into, they offer savings accounts, credit and debit cards you can use in cash point machines (ATMs) worldwide.

Why do online businesses use offshore banking?



An offshore bank offers a lot more privacy than a high street bank as they are in jurisdictions that often restrict banking information being requested by governments.


Wealth building

Once your business is making good money these banks offer a host of investment services that a normal bank does not. You can also reduce your tax liabilities back home and so your business is more profitable.


Multiple accounts and multiple currencies

Your online business is worldwide and you will have clients wishing to pay using different currencies. Offshore banks often allow you to open a Euro account, US Dollar account, sterling account, and more.

Would you like to open a secure offshore bank account? We offer this service to make things easier for you.
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Below you will find our list of Offshore banking services

DBS Treasures

Trade and bank with DBS. Wherever you are, you can bank, invest, transact, and more.


Join thousands of businesses who have incorporated and now manage their global payments with Neat.


CBS is a private bank operating exclusively within the Cook Islands.

Turner little

Their offshore corporate banking facilities give you all the modern banking convinces you to need, with the addition of enhanced privacy, asset protection services, favourable interest rates, and access to international opportunities.


A great guide to offshore banking by an expat platform.

Bank of Asia

Bank of Asia is licensed and regulated by the authorities of the British Virgin Islands. It uses advanced digital channels to provide a wide range of cross-border financial services to its global clients, especially companies and individuals associated with offshore jurisdictions.


The bank has over 2,700 staff, 60 full service branches, 7 International Banking and Private Wealth Management offices.


They offer personal and commercial banking, wealth management and private banking, corporate and investing banking, and capital markets, through their global team of approximately 90,000 Scotiabankers.

AIB bank

An offshore banking service operating in Aruba, the Dutch Caribbean, and across the Caribbean region.


Private banking in Andorra, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Luxembourg, Monaco, Panama, and Uruguay.


Andorra private banking.


One of the first offshore banks in Antigua.

Lombard Odier

A Bahamas private offshore bank offering a variety of business services.

Occidental bank

Your international Barbados business partner.


A fantastic article on international and offshore banking by World offshore banks (WOB) website.

Cayman national

A caymans based internationally accepted financial group. They also have branches in Dubai, Grand Cayman and the Isle of Man.


A Caymans totally digital banking platform.


The Gibraltar International bank. They also offer personal, business and digital banking.

IOM bank

An Isle of Man offshore bank.

Bank Alpinum

A private bank based in Liechtenstein.


Switzerland banking and insurance services.