Business parcel & packages shipping

Many businesses need to ship out parcels and packages to their customers, here you will find companies that specialise in logistics.

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Below is a list of Businesses that will help with parcels and packages


One of the largest logistic services in the world. They deliver parcels and packages worldwide, by sea, road, air and rail. They also offer warehousing solutions from packaging, to repairs, storage and more.


They offer land, air and ocean freight services. They also help small businesses, including e-commerce store with more affordable and efficient logistics.


FedEx is one of the largest logistic companies in the world.


UPS ships parcels and packages worldwide.


An interesting business that helps people from all over the world buy goods and products directly from United States stores. Sign-up and get an instant MyUS address, start shopping in US stores and have the item shipped to your new US address. Now tell MyUS how you want your items shipped to your wherever you live worldwide.