Buyers Information Guide

Once you have found an internet business that you are interested in buying please create a members account. You will need to be a member to message the owner of the business for sale.

We ask you to create an account for the following reasons


By signing up to be able to contact a seller we reduce the chance of spam bots.


Members can privately message each other to negotiate.


As a member you can add a business for sale here to your favourites.


All accounts are completely free to join.

If for any reason you need help please contact us

Follow these procedures to buy a business here

1. Register an account

2. View our Listings

3. Contact the owner

4. Negotiate

5. Congratulation


Our involvement in the sale

We do not get directly involved in any sales here, we simply list internet based businesses for sale and let the buyer and seller arrange the rest.

Do we take a commission when the business sells?

No. We charge a one-time admin fee of $50 per listing. We make nothing from the actual sale.

Are the businesses for sale verified?

Currently we do not verify the owner of a website. The buyer should conduct their own due diligence.

Do we value the businesses?

Currently we do not offer this service. The seller decides on the price and it is up to the buyer to negotiate a price they are happy with.

Do we negotiate on your behalf?

Currently we do not offer this service.

Important notice

We recommend that you use an escrow service to ensure that both parties are protected. As the buyer you can ensure that your money is only released when you take possession of the business.

Congratulations on the purchase of your new internet business

We wish you the very best for the future and we are here to help when you need us.

Our Web Design and Marketing services

We will help with any web design you need from a small tweak to a new full build out. We also offer SEO online marketing to help increase your websites traffic and sales conversion rate.

Our Website hosting service

We have a very affordable website hosting service , for more information please visit here.

We look forward to working with you and helping your new business grow.