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Why do you need to join?

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How to create an account from the homepage

From the homepage you will see the register button here in the top right corner off the website.

The log in and register button (orange) is here

Step One

Click the register button

Step Two

Now you will see this page.

Step Three

You have an option to join using your social media account.

This makes it very quick and easy.

You can create an account using your Facebook, Google, and Twitter account.

How to fill out the full form here

Alternatively you can create a full account separate from your other social media accounts by filling out this form.

Step One


Please create a username that others will see as your profile name.

For example


Email Address

Please write down your email address here.

For example

Choose a strong Password

Please create a password that you will remember and is not too easy to guess.

Our form gives you an automatic password if you want to use this option.

You can press the symbol to show you what the password looks like.

Your password should be at least 12 letters and can include symbols too.

Step Two

Please fill out your first name

Step Three

Please fill out your last (surname) name

Please note that your first name and surname will not be made public.

Only your username will show and you can upload photo if you so wish.

Here is an example

Step Four

This is the final part.

It looks like this and is at the bottom of the form area.


Tick the I am not a robot box

This automatically secures your form and will have a green tick when you have clicked the box.


Now if you would like (this is optional) please tick the newsletter box. This way you receive a once a month update of all the goings-on of our website and new listings, services, and more directly to your email account.


Please tick the terms and conditions box to adhere to our website rules.


Please click the Complete Sign Up button.

Congratulations you are now a member of our website and can contact sellers directly here and list your domains for sale.


If you would like to look at our legal documents you will find them at the bottom of the website.