Dashboard guide

Here you will find a simple guide to how to use your members dashboard once you have created (registered) an account with us.

This is an example of what the dashboard looks like

In your dashboard you will see






















My invoices

We will go through each section of your dashboard below

1. Home

This is the home section of your dashboard, from here you will see all the other sections.

2. Activity

Your activities section will show anything new that you have done

• Any updates
• New friendships
• New domain listings

3. Profile

From your profile you can change your name and also edit, or upload a new profile photo.

4. Notifications

The notifications section shows any pending friendship requests, accepted friendship requests, and new private messages.

5. Messages

Here you will see all past, present, and saved messages between other members you have talked to, or who wish to talk to you.

6. Friendships

As a member you can add another member to your friends list. This section keeps an eye on your requests.

7. Listings

If you have domains for sale you will see here all your listings.

8. Favorites

Here you will see the domains you have favourited and liked.

9. My invoices

Here you will seethe status of your premium listings and payments made.

10. Settings

Here you can control what others see of you.

You can control activity, messages, friends, and hide your surname, etc.