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Does your business need a mobile App?

There are millions of mobile Apps. If you own a smartphone you will use an App on a daily basis. It may seem that every business has an App, but does your business really need an App?

What is an App?

An App is a software program that runs on any platform, usually Apps are created to run on iOS and Android mobile devices.

They can run through a web browser or locally on your phone.
Apps can be found on your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and even smart televisions.

Apps are applications that are downloaded and then installed on your mobile device, as opposed to a website that runs on a browser.

Apps are very popular

TechCrunch has estimated that Americans spend as many as five hours a day using apps on their mobile devices. Just look around when you next go out and see how many people are using their phones to search and buy things online.

Does your business really need an App?

One thing to remember when deciding is to understand that not only will you need to put the time and money into building an App, but you must also maintain and update it regularly.

The good news is Apps are much cheaper to build than they were a few years ago.

Questions to ask yourself

1. Do your competitor’s businesses have Apps?

It pays to keep an eye on your competitors and what they are doing. If the majority of them are building Apps, or already have Apps it may be time to look at joining the App club.

The great thing about your competitors already having Apps is you get to look through them. You can download them, see what you like and don’t like, see how many people have downloaded the App and you can look through the reviews and comments people have made.

Once you have done this you will have a much clearer picture of if your competitor’s Apps are working and being embraced by their customers. If all the dots add up, it is time to look into building an App, or risk being left behind.

2. Is your website optimised for a mobile device?

To be quite frank, if your website is not mobile-friendly, then it is time to hire a new web designer and modernise your website. I would also look to replace your SEO marketing team too as a mobile-friendly website is an absolute must in 2021.

A nice, modern, and mobile-friendly website will at least run well on a smart-phone and make do until you build an App.

3. Your App should solve a customer’s problem

Simply put, if your mobile App offers no real benefits to the customers that already use your website on their mobile devices then it might be best to not go through the expense of creating an App. This takes into consideration that you already have a well-functioning mobile friendly website.

4. Does your App make things easier for your customers?

For example, some businesses are ripe for a mobile App. Especially if that business has regular customers. Create in your App a simpler system to record your customer’s shipping address and payment methods and combine these into a one-click payment on your App.

The point of your App is to make it easier and quicker for your customers to place an order, pay, go to a live map, send photos, scan documents, etc.

5. Branding

Some businesses have a strong brand or rely heavily on their logo. Apps can be fantastic for your customers to constantly see your brand when they look at their phone.

6. Your business utilises mobile phone functionality

Your business needs a scanner, camera, timer, etc.
A smartphone has all of these functions and you can implement them into your App. Apps are fantastic as you can create a marketing section in your App to allow users to share content, posts, photos, and videos across all the popular social media platforms directly from your App.

7. Finally … Loyalty and reward programs

Apps are perfect for a business that has a loyalty program. No more loyalty cards going missing, build the loyalty program into your App.

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