Welcome to Tech Premium Domains

We have created a domain listing platform that makes it quick and easy for buyers to find niche domain names for sale. We cover all tech sectors and also have a non-tech domains for sale section.

It can be slightly frustrating finding domain name buyers in niche sectors and especially in sectors that are at present in their infancy, but will become mainstream in the near future.

For example:

• Space
• Blockchain
• Bitcoin
• Cryptocurrency
• Artificial intelligence and Virtual Reality
• Electric vehicles
• FinTech
• Digital currency
• Internet focused domains

The above domain name sectors will become very sought after in the next 10 years as their industries develop.


For domain sellers

We have created a sales space for domains flippers and sellers to be able to showcase their domains for sale and network amongst themselves.

We have created a domain name selling platform that allows our sellers to write a quick elevator (sales) pitch to our visitors when selling their domains, allow potential buyers (members) to add domains for sale to their favourites, share your listing across social media and also add you as a friend and keep in contact.

Here potential buyers can

• Message you privately to discuss your domain listing
• Add your domain to their favourites and message you later
• Keep in contact with you by adding you to their friends list
• Share your domain listing with one button across all major social media platforms
• Network with you

Follow these procedures to sell a domain name

1. Register an account

2. Create your listing

3. Buyer contacts you

4. Negotiate

5. Congratulation

What can you do as a member here?

Members and potential buyers can add your domain name to their favourites.


Contact the members privately

Potential buyers can contact you directly and privately to discuss purchasing a domain you have for sale. You can also keep in contact with them in the future.



Here you can chat directly and privately to all members. You can also friend a member and favourite domains you may like to keep an eye on.

We have set this up to encourage you to keep in touch with each other and network amongst yourselves.


Social media sharing

Every domain listing has a social media share button. Visitors do not need to be a member here to be able to use the share buttons. This way when a visitor sees a domain they like or they think a friend would like, they can simply share it across their social media platforms.

We brought this feature in to help your domains for sale go more viral, and increase your chances of finding a buyer.

When a domain is listed here it will show as new for the first 30 days. This is rather useful to our buyers as they can be the first to contact the seller and agree a sale.


Basic selling information

When you find a buyer here and have agreed a price to sell your domain for, it is up to you to decide how to proceed. We do not get involved in any part of the selling process.

We suggest either using a domain escrow service to protect both parties, or if you are using one of the main registration platforms, simply agree a price for your domain here, create a for sale listing on your domains registration platform, change to buy now price on the platform to the agreed upon price here and use their selling system which will protect both parties.


0% Commission when you sell a domain here

You can list your domain for sale here FREE and when you find a buyer we do not take a commission on your sale.

We are a domain listing platform and we are not looking to make money from your sale (you keep 100% of the sale price) we are here to help you or your buyer build and market their website.


Earn 10% referral bonus

Not only do we not charge you to list and sell your domains here, when you send us a client who needs a website built or SEO marketing we will give you a 10% on-going bonus.


Non-Tech Domains

We have also created a non tech focused domain listing section too. This includes business domains for startups and small businesses as well as adult focused domain names.

We decided to add adult domains for sale (adult dating and xxx websites) here as some sites do not allow adult listings and yet they are a legal, lucrative business niche.

If you are looking to sell a domain here we suggest looking through all our domain categories and subcategories and deciding which ones best suite your domain niche.

We arrange all our domain listings in an easy to find organised manner.


Price guide

The price domain sellers set here is a guide price set in US dollars.

This does not mean that it has to be sold in USD, it could be any currency you both agree upon, even in bitcoin. We simply used USD as it is the worlds reserve currency.

The guide price you see here is similar to the price you see when you are looking to buy a property on a property website.

Domain names are often referred to as online real estate.

As the seller you can price your domain however you wish.

We suggest setting the price at a level where you can attract buyers to message you and then you can decide between you how much to sell your domain for.

Use the free sales pitch space

You can also in your sales pitch write that your price is not negotiable, or maybe state that you offer a payment plan.

Free listings explained

You can list any domain you want on this site, including adult domain names. We have a large non-tech domain listing section and also literally every tech domain niche you can possibly think of.

You must be the owner of the domain name you wish to list for sale here, or have permission to act as a broker for the owner.

Although we have premium listings options we also have this FREE option for you. We do not charge you to list your domain and we do not charge any commission when you sell your domain.

Creating a free account to list your domain for sale

You will need to create an account here in order to list and manage your domains.

You will also need an account to receive direct messages from a potential buyer and have our members make your domain a favourite. Potential buyers don’t need to be members here to use the social media share buttons to make your domain listings go viral.

How to create a listing

This is the form you will need to fill out

Step 1

Please select the top box and tick it to create a free listing.

Step 2

Enter your domain name including the extension that you wish to sell.

For example


Step 3

Create a sales pitch to potential buyers

We are very excited to offer all domain sellers a chance to create a short elevator pitch to all our visitors.

The section you need to write in looks like this

When you create your listing you can now also add an explanation to why someone should buy your domain. You can write whatever you wish to help show people what your domain could be used for. You may also wish to explain your guide price and stipulations on contacting you.

We believe this is one of the things that really helps us stand out as a new way of helping people sell domains.

0% commission and sellers can create a write-up to help them convince buyers to buy their domain.

Don’t forget that anyone, including non members can share your listing across all the major social media platforms. Be creative with your pitch.


This works like twitter. We have a maximum number of characters you can add in total when formulating your sales pitch. You may have a maximum of 300 characters including gaps and commas.

An example of a finished listing with a short sale pitch.


This sales pitch feature is FREE for all sellers for 2021 so please enjoy it. In the future we may consider making this feature an upgrade bonus for Premium domain listings. The earliest we would consider doing this would be in 2022. Any listings created before we announce we will make this a premium feature only will be grandfathered in and allowed to remain listed with their sales pitch.

Step 4

How to fill out the select a category

You will see that you can choose from many different categories to list your domain for sale in.

When you create a listing you can add your domain name for sale in up to 3 categories. You must select at least one category and no more than 3.

For example

You have a domain you want to list cryptowhisky*com. This domain can be listed in the non-tech domain category ‘Food and Drink’ as well as in the crypto category section.

Here is what you will see


Please ensure you only choose categories that are relevant to your domain name, if you do not we may have to delete your listing and you will have to create a new one with the correct categories.

Thank you

Step 5

Now set the guide price you would like to list your domain for sale.

For example

If you would like to sell your domain for a guide price of $500, simply type 500 with no commas into the box. 500.

You can put your domain for sale from $1 upwards into the millions if you so wish.

Step 6

Please tick our terms and conditions box to accept.

You can read our terms and conditions here

Step 7

Please check the entire form and once you are happy with it please click on submit listing. You can also click on the preview button to see what your listing will look like.

Ready to place your domain for sale with us? Please go to create a listing

Premium Domain listings

Our Premium Domain listings explained

As our domain platform grows we want to offer you a chance to be ranked on the first page of one of our domain categories. There will be thousands of domains in each of our niche categories and you will be competing with others to be viewed. The higher up the pages you are the more your domain for sale will be viewed by our potential buyers. Exactly like google listings.

We want to offer an affordable way to help market your domain listing to our audience and across social media.

We charge a one-time admin fee of $5 USD. This literally covers the cost of our admin to help market your domain. We see it as a win/win. We offer our domain platform completely free to you and this $5 helps cover the cost of running our free platform. The $5 also helps towards the cost of our staff to post your domain and sales pitch across our entire social media network.

Your premium listing will remain until you decide to delete it.

What you get for your one off payment of $5

• Premium listing tag on your listing

• Your domain will appear above all free domain listings. You will be the first domains our visitors see.

• Premium listings appear on our homepage when you first post them. This means all our homepage visitors will see your new listing even before they enter the domains for sale section.

• We will post your domain listing, including your sale pitch across our entire social media network.

• Your listing looks more professional to our buyers.

How to create a premium domain listing

Please fill out the form as shown above in the FREE domain listing guide. The only difference is you will need to tick the Premium Domain Listing box here

Fill out the rest of the form as you would a FREE listing and then click Submit Listing and you will be taken through to pay the $5.


How long does your premium listing remain live?

For as long as you want. When you sell your domain simply delete your listing. You can delete your listing directly from your members dashboard.

How to pay the $5?

The payment is very simple to complete. We do not take any credit card details directly as we use the secure, well known and trusted Stripe payment gateway (the same one booking*com and deliveroo use) You can pay using a credit or debit card.

Is it a one time $5 payment or reoccurring?

The $5 is a one time only payment per individual premium listing.

How many categories can I have my listing appear in?

You can appear in one category only as a premium. If you would like to appear in more than one category as a premium listing you will need to create and pay for another listing. Multiple premium listings are acceptable here.

Where does your domain appear when it first goes live?

Your domain listing will appear at the very top of the Premium domain listings page you want to be seen on. You choose the category when you fill out the form.

Your listing will also appear with a NEW tag too. NEW (first 30 days of being live) will appear above all Premium domain listings that are no longer new.

As other new domain listings are uploaded your domain will remain in the Premium section but move slowly down the page. We find most premium listings stay on page one for some time and often find a buyer faster. Well worth the price of a $5 coffee.

If you have any further questions please Contact Us.


Our involvement in the sale

We do not get directly involved in any sales here, we simply list your domain name for sale and let the buyer and seller arrange the rest.

Are the domain names verified?


Do we negotiate on your behalf?

Currently we do not offer this service.

Do we value the domain names?

Currently we do not offer this service. The seller decides on the price and it is up to the buyer to negotiate a price they are happy with.

Does your domain listing auto-delete after a certain time period?

No. Your listing stays live till you delete it from your members dashboard. We kindly ask you to please delete your listing once you have sold your domain. You are always welcome to create a new listing anytime.

How many domains can I list at one time?

You can list as many domains as you want to. If you are a professional domainer you are welcome to list all your domains here.

Can you upload multiple domains at once for sale here?

No. Each domain you list with us can have a sales pitch and description included. Thus, each listing is unique and you will need to load your domains one at a time.

Top Premium Domain listings

This is very similar to our Premium Domain listings above, there are however a few differences that are well worth the small monthly cost.

Prime position

On each domain category page we have at the very top above all FREE listings and Premium listings only TWO Top Premium Domain positions available. Once they are taken you will have to wait until they become available again.

They look like this

The Top positions are placed above the domain search bar and all other listings are below these. You are guaranteed to be seen first by every single one of our domain visitors that go to your chosen listing page.

For example

You have a fantastic Crypto domain you would like to sell. There are only TWO Top listing positions available for this entire niche and you can guarantee yours will be seen first by taking this top premium position.

What do you get as a Top Premium Listing?

• Your domain listing appears at the very top of your category page. Above all other domain listings, even new premium ones.

• We include your domain listing in our monthly newsletter to all our followers and potential buyers.

• Your listing appears on our homepage.

How much does it cost to claim this prized position?

We charge $10 per month to remain in this position.

Is the payment reoccurring?

Yes. You will need to cancel before you are charged for the month.

Is there a minimum or maximum time period?

There is a minimum period of a month.

You are welcome to remain in this (premium) position as long as you want to continue paying $10 per month.

How to create a Top Premium listing

To create a Top premium listing it is the same as the premium listing above, the only thing you need to do differently is tick the Top Premium Domain box when you create your listing.

New Domain listings

All new listings will have a nice big red NEW tag showing for the first 30 days. This helps our visitors see new listings they may be interested in. We allow our buyers to search for new listings in the search bar. Once 30 days has passed the NEW tag will disappear from your listing.

Good luck with the sale of your domain name and thank you for choosing our platform

We wish you the very best for the future and we are here to help when you need us.

Earn 10% commission

We offer 10% commission to anyone that sends us clients for SEO, marketing and Web Design work.

When you make a domain sale please mention our services and contact us so we can arrange your commission.

We will help with any web design you need from a small tweak to a new full build out. We also offer SEO online marketing to help increase your websites traffic and sales conversion rate.