European search engines

There are alternatives to using Bing and Google and although we have included google Europe in our list, there are also some unique and good European based search engines available for you to use.

8 European search engines you can use

A Europe international web directory and search engine.

They also offer a worldwide browse search of all continents.

Ezilon has a European business directory too.

This is googles Europe search engine.

Ecosia is a Berlin-based search engine founded in 2009. They use a large percentage of their profits to plant trees around the world. To date, they have planted in excess of 100 million trees!

We love the eco aspect of this search engine and as an added bonus they don’t sell on your data or track your internet activity.

Mojeek is a UK based search engine. They have been around since 2009 and were the first-ever engine to announce they will not track their users.

We particularly like that they are an independent search engine not built from parts of other search engines like many alternative engines are. This is great as they do not rely on other search engines for their results.

They are very privacy-focused. They do not collect your IP address, search history, or user data.

Qwant is a French-based search engine. They have been around since 2013. The French government has been using this search engine as their default search engine since 2018.

The results page shows, websites, social networks, pictures, videos, shopping, and music.

Qwant does not use cookies, browsing data, or any data profiling. They do not track what a user is doing or searching for. They are very privacy-focused.

Qwant also has a Children’s search engine. It allows a touch screen to make it easier and more interactive for kids.

Algolia enables companies and businesses to quickly and seamlessly implement search systems within their own websites. This is a go-to search engine company for some very well known businesses. Including, Twitch, Stripe, Slack, Coursera, and more.

Swisscows is based in Switzerland and is their google alternative. It has been around since 2014. Being based in Switzerland they are playing off the countries reputation of privacy. They do not record your browser history or your IP address, and their servers are based in Switzerland too.

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