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Although we are predominately a Business and Tech space domain platform, you can list for sale here any domain name you wish from any category or sector. From shopping and travel domains to Tech, Business, Crypto, Blockchain, FinTech, Space, Ai and more.

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Web design and development


We will build you the exact website your business needs.


We build anything you need from simple landing pages to a large websites like this one.


We also offer website maintenance and support.

SEO and Online Marketing


Build sustainable organic rankings.


Build natural links.


Increase your website’s traffic and attract more paying customers.

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We can create unique content for your website. Search engines love new, updated and authoritative content.


We know how to help your website rank better using unique content. Well designed and written content can increase your websites conversion rate from visitor into paying customers and clients.


We have experienced consultants that can help you with:


Business and Strategy planning.


Domain investing advice.


Cryptocurrency investing.


Startup Business advice.



Once your website is ready to go live you will need to decide on a hosting service to showcase your website to the public.


We have our own website hosting service.

Accept Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin payments


Looking to accept Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency payments on your website/online store & attract a wave of new paying customers?


We help you choose and integrate a Crypto plugin directly on your website and we can have you up and running within 48 hours.

Our Business Directory

Visit our startup and small business resource directory
Businesses can list here for FREE

We have a large business directory where you will find links to companies that offer businesses services and products to help you monetise, run your business more efficiently and gain more clients and customers.

We have more than one directory:

Small Business directory

Offering many different resources to help you run and expand your business faster.


Here you find resources and tools aimed at helping Domainers.

Tech & FinTech

Tech News, Business listings & Consultants.


Huge list of Crypto related resources.


News and blockchain resources.


AI News and resources.


News and sources.


Find a business consultant.

Our Other Businesses

We work with international lawyers to help clients discreetly find missing cryptocurrency. Crypto legals wills and tax planning. Digital wallet and data recovery.

Coming Soon

An extensive index business directory listing websites and businesses that accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments for goods and services. Over 5,000 businesses listed.

We offer private clients a bespoke service to buy and store bitcoin safely and discreetly.

We also offer OTC (over the counter) large bitcoin purchasing solutions.