How It Work

How this site works for domain sellers

Here you will find an explanation of how our domain buying and selling works.

What types of Domains can you list here for sale?

The short answer is any domains you wish. Although we are predominately a tech focused domain sale platform, we also have a non-tech domain sales section.

Our domain categories:


Tech domains

Any Domain that covers the Tech sector.


AI domains

Any Domain that covers the Ai industry.


Blockchain domains

Any Domain that covers the Blockchain sector.


Crypto domains

Any Domain that covers the Cryptocurrency sector.


Robotic domains

Any Domain that covers the Robotic industry.


Space domains

Any Domain that covers the Space sector.


FinTech domains

Any Domain that covers the Financial Tech Industry.


Bitcoin domains

Any Domain that is based around the Bitcoin and Bit sector.


Non-tech domains

Any Domain you wish to sell including adult domains.

Free Domain listings

How it works

Sellers can list and sell their domain names (as many as you wish) totally FREE of commission. Most platforms charge a 10% commission on completion of a successful sale, we no not charge you anything.

Register an account and then create your domain name listing. When your domain listing is ready, tick the category box you want your domain to appear in (for example Tech, Crypto, Travel etc) and then upload it. Please ensure your domain category is correct. There is no limit to how many domains you can list on our site.

The free listings include the name of your domain, the price and your contact details.

Buyers will see your listing and if they like your domain name, they can contact you directly and privately to discuss the price or simply agree to your price and you can start the selling process.

We do not get involved with anything other than listing your domain names here. You chat directly with the buyer and we do suggest you use a domain escrow service to ensure both parties are protected during the transition.

Our list of Domain escrow services is here.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

How sellers gain?

Offering free listings of domains for sale means more visitors and potential buyers for you.

You save money as we do not charge any commission upon a successful sale here. 0% commission rates.

How buyers gain?

Because domain sellers save money (most domain platforms charge 10% sales commission) selling here, some sellers might give you a little more wriggle room on a domains price.

When you are interested in buying a domain here, you can contact the seller directly and start negotiating.

How we gain?

We decided to charge 0% commission for you to list and sell your domain names here to help encourage sellers over to our site and help us grow faster.

We want to be a one stop shop – visitors buy a domain, we help you build a fantastic website, we help you market your new business and gain more customers for you, finally when it comes to selling your business we have a sell your business service.

Premium listing options

Most sellers will only need to use the free domain listings, but some of you may be domainers or have a particularly valuable domain that you would like positioned at the top of our domain search categories.

We offer 2 options for premium domain listings

When you create a listing you will be offered the free option and you will also be presented with our Gold and Platinum options. You decide which one you would like. You can also upgrade a domain listing later on.


You may feel that you would like to create a write up in your domain listing explaining to our visitors why they should buy your domain, and what it could be used for. In essence you can create a sale pitch.

Our Gold option lets you write whatever you like about your domain to explain why buyers should want it. We also highlight your domain listing to make it stand out from a free listing. Your Gold listing will also be positioned above all free domain listings to increase your views.

An Example:

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Your Domain is marked Top listing and also listed in our Top domains section (here) An added Bonus, we include your domain listing across all our social media platforms and in our monthly newsletter.

Your domain will also be listed in our homepage Top Domains section here.

An Example:

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We offer all this for a one off payment of £5 and your listing remains Gold till you delete your listing.


Platinum members get all the benefits of gold listings and more.

Platinum is for sellers that want to create an entire domain business profile page. Platinum members may also edit their page whenever they like for free and include as many domains on one page as they like. Think of it as a domainers business profile page to help you sell domain portfolios and network between other members.

Platinum listings appear at the very top of our domain sale categories. They also appear in our top domains section on the homepage. Finally, we include your platinum domains across our social media platforms and in our newsletter.

This is an ongoing monthly package that helps you build a real presence on our site and become well-known and continually list and change any domains you wish on your page, even including your domains you have sold. Feel free to link from your social media accounts to your person platinum domain page here and use it as a form of landing page for sellers to browse through your domains for sale.

An Example:

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Platinum listings cost £10 per month.

Top and featured domains

Any Gold and Platinum domain listings will automatically appear on the homepage for maximum exposure to our visitors. We will also advertise you across all our social media platforms, this will include a write-up (reasons someone should buy) of your domain.