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How to Blog

Blogging has become an incredibly popular thing to do. If you have passion, expertise, or interest in something you can now set up a simple blog within hours, often for free.

You can set up a simple blog that millions of people use for free at

If you want to take blogging seriously though, we recommend buying a domain name, building a small website, and finding an affordable hosting company.

There is a misconception that blogs are only about writing. Some blogs are just writing blogs, but you can have photos, videos links to other websites, and repost other people’s work on your blog.

You should find a niche you like and then create a blog based on your niche. The key to a successful blog is to create original and unique content that is useful to your target audience. Search engines will rank you well in your niche subject and your passion and knowledge will be rewarded by your audience, who will spend time on your blog reading and sharing it across other social media platforms.

You can monetise your blog through affiliate links, advertising and Google AdSense.


Affiliate marketing

Include links to products and services that reward you with a percentage of a sale.


You can accept advertising banners on your blog as well as partner with ad networks.


These are pay-per-click ads that appear on your blog through the Google advertising network. Although this may only add up to a small amount per click, if you have enough visitors that click on your AdSense it can add up to hundreds, if not thousands over a month.

We wish you the best of luck with your blog and we also hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful. We would be very grateful if you would kindly share this amongst your friends. Thank you.


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