How to start an internet business

We have organised a simple guide to our services and how they can help you start an internet business.

This guide is to help those of you that want to start a successful internet business, but are not sure exactly how.

Our step by step guide to how to start a website business

Step one

Your business idea

We suggest spending time on this first step. Think about what business you would like to run and why? What problem does it solve? Why will people want to use your services or product? What do you as a person bring to the table? Is working for yourself a good idea? Are you an expert in a skill that is in demand? We recommend spending time on this part.

To help we have written some articles in our blog for startups.

Article of note

“How to come up with business ideas” – written by the owner of this site and serial entrepreneur Jonathan Titley.

If you are struggling to come up with a good idea please read this article again written by the owner of this site.

“Brainstorming 101 for an online business.”

Speak to us directly

Would you like to talk to the owner of this site or a professional MBA who has helped streamline and run large organisations?

We offer a brainstorming service to help you work out a basic idea and run over possible ideas you may already have.

Please visit our brainstorming service for more details

Step Two

Name your business

Now you know what business you wish to start you will need to find a good name for your new business. This will also include a good domain name as well.

Have a read of our “Resources and tools to help you name your business” article.

Find a domain name

We suggest using the same name for your domain as your business. We recommend you try and buy the .com.

Our domains for sale

Have a look through our domains for sale on this website to find a great domain name.

Step Three

Build a rock star website for your business

You know what business you wish to start and you also have a domain name ready to use, now you need to have a really good website built at an affordable price.

Our website build service

Please have a look at our web design services. We will build you the exact website your business needs!

You may wish to also read up about web design. Have a look through our web design articles here.

Step Four

Market your website

Now that you have an internet business you will need to start attracting clients and customers.

We will make your website rank well on search engines

Please have a look at our SEO online marketing service. We will make your website easy to find on the internet and attract paying customers and clients to you.

You may wish to also read up about SEO and online marketing. Have a look through our SEO and online marketing articles here.

Congratulations you now have a live business website that was built and is now being actively marketed by us.

Have a look through more of our small business and startup services that we offer here.