Is domain age important?

Domain age means how long a domain or website has been around. What date a URL was created and how long it has been running as a website.

The important aspect to consider is not how long someone has owned the domain name for example, but how old it is since search engines first indexed and ranked it.

If a domain name is 10 years old but has literally sat in storage and never been used or recognised by a search engine, then that doesn’t really make a difference from a new domain name that has just been created a day ago.

To find out the age of a domain you can use a domain age checker.

What is a domain age checker?

It is simply a place where anyone can check the age of a domain. You can check how long a domain or website has been running.

Why is it useful to do a domain age check?

• The longer a domain and online business has been up and running the more likely that business is trustworthy and successfully run.

• Businesses often use a domain age checker and ranker to help them decide where to advertise. Often, a long-standing domain will have more links and hits than a new domain and therefore have a higher ranking on search engines.

• Potential buyers may be willing to pay more for a domain name that has been around for a few years as opposed to a new domain URL.

Free domain age checker

There are many domain age checker tools available to use for free. Simply type into Google ‘free domain age checker’ and you will find many.

This one is free


Now that we know how to check a domain age, is age important to (SEO) search engine optimisation?

It really depends on many factors, but usually, the answer is yes, it is important.

Although the age of a domain can help, it is no longer a key factor for search engines. New, quality and unique content, relevance, authoritative on your subject, mobile-ready, etc are considered more important.

However, a website with thousands of quality links to it can really help it have an edge against a new domain trying to rank for the same keywords and phrases.

Here are the reasons why the age of a domain can matter

Established links

If the domain has been around for some time and there are quality backlinks to it, then this can really help. Search engines check backlinks and their dominance and authority in order to decide how to rank it.

Established reputation

A good reputation can take a long time to achieve. An aged domain with a good reputation can be very valuable to a buyer as it took some time to get.

That being said, it takes but a moment to destroy a good reputation and you need to know how to avoid a domain however old it is that has a terrible reputation that could take time and money to repair.

SEO ranking

Old domains on the whole have good search engine rankings. A new buyer can be attracted to this as it means they have to spend less time and money to go up the rankings.


Old domains often have a good amount of traffic, even if they have been left unloved for some time. Traffic equals potential paying customers. A lot of time and money may have been spent in creating a domain’s traffic and a buyer will pay more for this.

Not a spam site

A domain that has been around for some time will not be a spam site and google for example rewards this.

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