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For Buyers

Looking to buy an established internet business that you can run from home?

Would you like to own a business that is already making money and has an established online presence, products, services, customers, and clients?

Have a look through our business listings, create an account and contact the owner directly.

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Follow these procedures to buy a business here

1. Register an account

2. View our Listings

3. Contact the owner

4. Negotiate

5. Congratulation

For Sellers

Do you have an internet business you want to sell?

Register an account here, create a profile showcasing your business, add pictures and sales information.

Your listing remains live until you decide to delete it. Potential buyers can contact you privately here.

We do not charge a percentage of the sale, you simply pay a one-time fee of £50 per listing. Would you like to be positioned above other businesses for sale here? We also offer a Premium listing option.

Pay 0% commission when you sell your online business.

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Follow these procedures to list your business here

1. Register an account

2. Create your listing

3. Buyer contacts you

4. Negotiate

5. Congratulation

Our Recommendation

We recommend doing your due diligence when looking to purchase an online business. We also suggest you may wish to hire a business specialist to evaluate every aspect of an internet business and help you to value and negotiate. Finally, we suggest using an escrow service to ensure that the transition process runs smoothly and both parties are protected.

Here is our list of Escrow Services.

Our involvement

We do not get involved in any sales here, we simply list Businesses for sale.