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Resources and tools to help you name your business

1. Use a thesaurus

If you have a basic idea of what your business wants to convey a thesaurus can help you come up with a business name. A thesaurus helps you by suggesting alternatives words to use.

For example:

If you want to start a fitness online E-commerce store you can use a thesaurus to type in alternative words that are related to fitness.

There are many free thesaurus sites to choose from, but here is one you can try for starters,

2. A business name generator

Simply type into the search bar a name you like and the generator websites will do the rest.

You can use business brand generator. They generate a short, business name using artificial intelligence and it is free to use.

3. Double check your domain name is available

You can use this site to check if the domain name you wish to use is available.

4. Alternative tools you can use

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