Sellers Information Guide

What type of business can you list for sale here?

Any internet (online) business as long as it is legal. We also accept adult and gambling businesses for sale.

Your business must be solely a website business, not a combination of a physical shop and website.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Once you have decided to list your business for sale here you will first need to create an account.

Do you need help preparing your business for sale?

We can help tidy up, modernise and tweak your website to make it as presentable as possible to our potential (visitors) buyers.

If for any reason you need help please contact us.

Follow these procedures below to list your business

1. Register an account

2. Create your listing

3. Buyer contacts you

4. Negotiate

5. Congratulation

What information can you include in your listing?


Name of your business


Asking price of your business


Turnover of your business


Net profit of your business (you may keep this blank)


Full writeup and sales information content


Include your website link


Photos (maximum 2 photos)


Contact details

Here is a step by step guide to how to upload your website for sale

The form you will need to fill out looks like this

Step 1

The name of your business.

Here you will need to put the name of the internet business you wish to sell.

Step 2

The asking price of your business.

Here you will need to put the price or guide price of your business.

We recommend putting the price as if you are selling a property. The price you would like to get close to when you sell. You can add more details in the sale information section.

You do not need to add a currency symbol, just add the numbers.

Step 3

The yearly gross turnover of your business.

Here you will need to put the gross turnover of your internet business.

If your business makes a total yearly turnover of $50,000, then simply type in 50,000.

You can leave this blank if you prefer.

Step 4

The yearly net turnover of your business.

Here you will need to put the net profit of your internet business.

For example

You business has a gross yearly turnover over $50,000. You have yearly business costs of $30,000. Your net profit is what is left after your costs, so in this example $20,000.

You can add the tax if you like and show the net tax, but as it is an internet business you can just put the net profit after costs per year.

Step 5

The sales information

Here you should include any information about your business and why someone should want to buy it. This is your sales information and pitch.

We recommend really spending some time on this part.

You may wish to include

• Explain the price, is it negotiable for example?
• How to contact you.
• Information about your equipment, products or services.
• Projected turnover
• The reason you are selling.
• If you are happy to help teach the new owner the basics of your business and how to run it.
• Anything important they should know.
• And more

Step 6

The link to your website

Here you need to put your website address. Including the http://

The easiest way to do this is go to your website and copy and paste the address into this bar.

This lets our visitors and potential buyers visit your website. They can have a look around and contact you either here, or they may contact you from your website.

Step 7

Add screenshots

Here you can upload a maximum of two screenshots or photos.

We recommend using jpeg format.

Simply drag and drop your photos into the box to upload file. Alternatively, you can click the select files button to upload.

We recommend using this section to showcase your products, equipment included in the sale, or a screenshot of your website.

You are welcome to upload whatever photos you wish to showcase an aspect of your internet business for sale.

Step 8

PDF file upload

Here you can upload one PDF file.

We recommend using this to include sales figures, accounts (proof of business profits) more detailed sales information, or any business information you think wish.

Step 9

Upload your completed form

Once you have filed out the form correctly you can either preview your form before submitting it to us, or simply click submit listing.

Step 10

Once you have submitted the form you will be asked to pay the $50 one time admin and advertising fee. This is a secure system called square. Booking*com and deliver use the same online payment gateway.


We will review your listing and it usually takes less than 24 hours for it to go live here.

If you have any further questions please contact us

Congratulations and we wish you good luck with your sale.


How much do we charge per listing?

We charge a one time only $50 payment per listing.

How long until your business listing goes live?

Your business will usually go live within 24 hours or less.

Do we offer a premium listing option?

No. At this time we do not have premium listing options.

Do we include any bonus with your listing?

Yes! We will tweet and post across our entire social media network about your business and include a link back to it.

How long does your listing remain live on our website?

Your listing remains live until you delete it.

Do we take a commission when your business sells?

No. We charge a one off admin fee of $50 per listing. We make nothing from the actual sale.

Do we negotiate on your behalf?

Currently we do not offer this service.

Do we value the businesses?

Currently we do not offer this service. The seller decides on the price and it is up to the buyer to negotiate a price they are happy with.

Do we verify your business listing?

Currently we do not offer this service.

Can you edit your listing after it has gone live?

If you want to edit and add/change information later on we can arrange this for you. We charge an administration fee to do this of $10.

We recommend planning out your sales page in advance and thus reducing the need to edit in the future.

Our involvement in the sale

We do not get directly involved in any sales here, we simply list internet based businesses for sale and let the buyer and seller arrange the rest.

Important notice

We recommend that you use an escrow service to ensure that both parties are protected. As the seller you can ensure that you receive the money owed when you transfer your business to the new owner.