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Web Design basics

1. Responsive and Mobile friendly

Websites need to be user-friendly and easy to navigate for your visitors. Your website must not feel clunky and slow.

Your website must be mobile-friendly. More and more people look up websites on tablets and on their phones. Not only must your website look good to people using desktops and laptops to view your website, but they must also be configured to look great and be responsive when someone is looking at your website from a small smartphone too.

You will gain more traffic and sales if your website is easy to use on a phone and easy for people to purchase using just their phone or tablet.

2. SEO friendly and conversion optimised

Your website needs to be easily read and found by all search engines.

3. Professional website look

There are a lot of old looking and poorly designed websites out there. Your website is literally your online business’s store window and salesroom. The first thing most people do when you give them your business card is look up your website. It must look modern, fresh, well-designed, and easy to understand.

Use graphics, a great layout, call to action buttons, and colour schemes to create a fantastic looking website.

4. Generate leads

Each page of a website should contain unique, quality content that is relevant to your audience and have call to action buttons. Call to action buttons help your audience click on your product, contact you easily and hire your service. Don’t just create a page on your website for the sake of it, each page must have a reason for being there.

5. Social media buttons

Remember to include your social media platforms where they can be easily seen and clicked on.

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