Which industries are embracing Artificial Intelligence?

Ai is becoming far more sophisticated and efficient.

Ai has started to slowly replace some human aspects in certain industries as AI is proving to carry out certain tasks more efficiently, quickly and at a lower cost than humans.

1. Health

Prevention and early detection

Staying healthy. There are many health apps that people use every day to stay healthy. These apps automatically record and collect your daily health data and analyse it. Your daily health routine and feedback (data) can be used to create new health innovations and solutions.

Ai is already being used to detect diseases (early) and this ultimately could save the health industry worldwide hundreds of billions of dollars a year.

One of the most interesting advancements is early detection and monitoring of your body remotely through the use of the “smart pill.” You swallow a pill that contains microscopic sensors, these pills then monitor a patient’s internal health wirelessly sending this data back to the medical company for analysis.

The combination of Ai, smart drugs, and health consumer wearables like the Apple watch, are being used to help with monitoring and detecting early signs a person may have a medical issue such as a heart attack before it actually happens.

We would like to also mention the use of AI-enabled robotic surgery is already being used for heart surgery all across the US.

The use of AI and the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is really taking off and saving lives, imagine where they will be in 10 years’ time.

2. Retail and supply chains

AI sensors are helping robots working on the supply chain aspect of business fulfillment. Artificial intelligence can help logistics companies monitor and forecast potential issues and problems in advance.

Walmart is already using robots in their stores to perform basic tasks like tracking shelf inventory, unloading trucks, and cleaning the store. Amazon is using small warehouse robots to speed up its operations. This is only the beginning.

3. Telecommunications

This business sector is really utilising AI to help cut costs and increase customer overall satisfaction and experience.

Chatbots and virtual assistants have become big business. This will only increase over time, especially in times where businesses need to offer worldwide solutions and often in multiple languages.

4. Banking and financial services

Ai is already being used in the finical sector to improve the accuracy of data, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Banks are using ai to collect client’s data and identify patterns. Banks are also utilising ai to predetermine possible events ahead of time. Ai is now used in the day to day running of sales, compliance, risk management, payments, and more.

5. Manufacturing

Many factories are using ai for automation of human jobs and maintenance. Ai is also being used in quality control to ensure standards and regulations are met.

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